AIZEN, the banking service with AI Core-Tech in a dynamic environment with ChatGPT

AIZEN is proud to recently announce the banking service that uses “AI Core-Tech” in a dynamic environment with ChatGPT. Experts predict that the emergence of ChatGPT will bring many changes not only in chats, but also in the fields of education, science and technology, and finance. In particular, it is expected to quickly impact customer support, document processing and the provision of personalized financial information in the fintech space. Therefore, financial services are expected to undergo significant changes at customer touchpoints along with the rapid advancement of AI, and what is becoming increasingly important in this environment is the “core technology” in finance. Data on “credit” and the use of AI, both of which are required for critical financial decisions, have emerged as areas to focus on in the age of unrestrained competition. As ChatGPT continues to stay in the spotlight, attention is once again turning to the value of leveraging AI.

AIZEN Global provides Banking-as-a-Service and CreditConnect by integrating AI into the core technology required for the credit model and credit delivery value chain, which is the most critical part of banking. It integrates AI models based on loan information from newly created data platforms to quickly make risk-based decisions required for loan processing. On this basis, customers of the data platform can use banking services at a reasonable interest rate and financial institutions will attract new customers. The company developed the core value of lending through AI finance.

AIZEN Global entered the Vietnamese e-commerce market, providing loans based on the data of new online business operators and enabling non-financial companies such as education and e-commerce companies to easily extend loans to their loyal customers. It is intended to enable financial supply based on big data and AI for emerging industries in Vietnam. In addition, it has entered the Indonesian EV (electric vehicle and electric bicycle) market, and the funding is through the analysis of electric battery data. This is possible by combining non-financial and financial data through AI and decision-making based on AI models. This is because the “AI banking service” is provided through reinforcement learning for credit data decision making. A hotel in Bali, Indonesia uses electric bicycles with the CreditConnect service provided by AIZEN.

AIZEN Global has provided AI financial solutions for the financial IT of banks, insurance companies and credit card companies, revolutionizing the core technology of financial decision-making. AI is being applied to core areas of finance such as digital strategy, fraud detection and credit scoring. Through this digital transformation project, the core technology of AI funding has been achieved. In addition, the company holds more than 150 patents in the field of AI finance and has actively invested in research and development for the core technology of AI finance. She conducted research on the application of AI to scoring as part of the Responsible AI project with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). It also took second place as a global company selected by the Monetary Authority of Singapore for the “Fintech Awards”.

More and more non-financial companies will bring innovations through AI in the future. Many data platform companies require supply chain finance to quickly “fund” their customers. The AI ​​core technology will develop into a significant competitive advantage for companies. Businesses will make decisions based on AI financial technology to provide more personalized and optimal services to their customers.

The CEO of AIZEN Global said, “We are now living in a time where financial advice can be provided through ChatGPT and even the coding required for financial solutions can be done easily,” adding, “What we need to focus on in this transformation is going to.” the AI ​​being the core technology for ‘credit’, the most critical aspect of finance.”