Abris.io Launches Licit, a Web3 Verifying Platform for Digital Assets on Algorand

Abris.io announced the launch of its new product Licit, a Web3 verifying platform on Algorand. Licit is a platform to verify all types of digital assets with the power of blockchain and artificial intelligence. It can verify documents, barcodes, provenance, counterfeits and all things digital. Licit is very easy to use and requires no knowledge  of  blockchain technology, crypto, or web3. Any user can drag and drop, or take a picture of a digital asset, to verify its authenticity.

Licit is cost-effective – the metahash is stored for life in blockchain without additional  cost. It is also super-fast – verification of any asset takes only a few seconds. And, it is environmentally-friendly, having launched on Algorand, the world’s first major carbon-negative blockchain in existence.

Use cases for this new platform are not limited to a single industry but can be applied to virtually all verticals that generate digital data. For example, institutions can issue authenticated, tamper-proof education certifications; organisations can scan and validate identity documents; brands can seamlessly prove item authenticity via QR codes on packaging; and more.

By leveraging next-generation technologies like blockchain and artificial intelligence, Licit counters existing issues with legacy systems, including redundancy, lack of privacy, and security risks. Legacy certification systems offer less security and privacy compared to Licit and are prone to tampering. Moreover, they are costly to maintain and not environmentally friendly. Blockchain addresses security risks and redundancy issues. Licit also features built-in Optical Character Recognition (OCR) AI, which can classify a document by reading solely its metadata, and preserving the privacy of all other information.

“As the world continues to move to wholly digital systems, data really has become the new oil, representing incredible value,” said Priya Samant, CEO and Co-Founder of Abris.io. “This means it is more important than ever to have easy, secure ways to be able to verify the authenticity of digital assets and the data they contain.  We are excited to launch Licit to help bring verifiable credibility and authenticity to our digital future.”