Human API Launches Health Intelligence Platform to Modernize Life Insurance Underwriting and Customer Experience

Human API, the industry-leading platform enabling enterprises to connect and convert consumer health data into information that radically accelerates innovation, announced the launch of their Health Intelligence Platform.

The company’s new platform enables insurance companies to deliver more personalized customer experiences with health intelligence created from comprehensive electronic health records (EHRs) access and applied across workflows, processes, and products to drive more policy placements and better customer experiences. The announcement follows Human API’s Series C funding which allowed for significant product development and connectivity to all EHR data sources such as health information exchanges (HIEs), direct to EHR networks, and partnerships with leading APS retrieval vendors.

Human API started by accessing medical records through patient portal integrations, but is now connected to all EHR data sources including Epic Chart Gateway, Veradigm, and CommonWell Health Alliance®, along with leading medical retrieval vendors such as Datafied to consolidate health data access and remove the need for companies to piece together fragmented EHR solutions and data normalization technologies.

Better underwriting decisions start with Human API’s proprietary machine learning data normalization and smart orchestration capabilities that convert complex EHR data and other health data sources into actionable intelligence. Insurance companies can now move beyond simply accessing EHR data to leveraging health intelligence to expedite underwriting, increase placement rates, and improve customer experience.

“Intelligence-driven decisioning enabled by data and technology is where our industry needs to go,” said Jasmine Jirele, President and CEO of Allianz Life. “Going beyond health data access and abstracting useful information from data allows us to speed up what we’re doing without compromising risk. The new Human API platform is aggregating all EHR sources and converting this valuable dataset into health intelligence that changes how we underwrite, sell, and service our products. The future belongs to companies that know how to apply data intelligence across organizations, workflows, teams, and processes. We’re very excited to build that future with Human API.”

Human API makes life insurance easier to underwrite, buy, and sell by significantly reducing cycle times and automating manual review of medical evidence. The launch expands the organization’s capabilities for acquisition of all medical evidence within one platform, and enables the transformation of massive volumes of unstructured EHR data into actionable health intelligence. It is also the only platform for life insurance that allows distribution partners and carriers to collaborate in real-time to support underwriting with intelligent data access and decisioning.

“Consumers today are benchmarking their buying experiences against technology companies like Amazon and Netflix, and life insurance as an industry is rapidly adapting to meet modern customer expectations, powered by data and technology,” said Ladder CEO Jamie Hale. “At Ladder, we are pleased to work with Human API’s new platform because it helps us streamline insurance purchasing with health intelligence that empowers faster underwriting decisioning. It enables us in our mission to help more people get life insurance in an instant, easy, and affordable way.”

Over the last few years, Human API has steadily helped leading carriers such as Prudential, Guardian, John Hancock, AAA Life, and Principal offer a more streamlined digital underwriting process that uses EHRs from patient portals to reduce reliance on traditional underwriting requirements such as exams, fluids and attending physician statements. With new data partnerships, sources, and platform capabilities that deliver health intelligence, Human API is positioned to help drive digital transformation across the entire insurance ecosystem.

As part of the new platform launch, Human API is also bringing to market a portfolio of new solutions built on top of normalized health data access aimed at accelerating underwriting, optimizing distribution, maximizing in-force engagement, and delivering better digital experiences for customers. Human API’s new Health Intelligence platform will deliver actionable information to be leveraged across the entire insurance value chain, empowering carriers to achieve faster decisioning with less time, powering new buying journeys across preferred channels, and driving more business.

“Consolidating EHR data access was a necessary step toward delivering exponentially more value to our customers,” said Andrei Pop, CEO of Human API. “Our new Health Intelligence Platform is the only solution that is propelling the industry beyond data connectivity to deliver actionable intelligence that drives true innovation in how insurance is underwritten, sold, bought, and serviced. As a platform company, continuous discovery and solutioning will enable new ways of applying and scaling the health intelligence we create across the insurance ecosystem. This is just the beginning. We’re very excited to build the future of insurance with our customers.”

About Human API

Human API is on a mission to radically accelerate the pace of innovation with a platform that connects and converts health data from electronic health records (EHRs) networks, HIEs, patient portals, medical record retrieval vendors, pharmacies, labs, wearable devices, and fitness apps into actionable health intelligence. The company gives consumers a simple way to authorize and share health data with companies building new digital services and products. Human API is serving 100+ customers and powers leading solutions built by fast-growing startups and Fortune 500 companies in the insurance, pharmaceutical, health plan, health identity management, and digital health markets.