BriteBee Launches Digital Stimulus Package For Insurance Sector

COVID-19 is putting pressure on industries far and wide. Businesses of all sizes, along with their employees, their suppliers, and their customers are feeling the impact. At this point in time, the short and long-term financial implications of this pandemic remain unknown. The insurance industry is no exception to this, which prompted an up-and-coming Insurtech, BriteBee, to advocate for insurance agencies in the face of adversity.

Ever since 2017, the BriteBee team has ventured to find a better way to help create opportunities for insurance agents to connect with consumers online through search engine and digital marketing. With over 1,800 agent profiles created, BriteBee continues to gain momentum and favor with insurance agents and online shoppers. With the release of this remarkable Stimulus Package, they are intent on helping a limitless amount of insurance agents and agencies benefit from their proven tools and technologies, free of charge, for a 3-month period. This is not a trial, and agencies are not required to submit payment information to take advantage of this opportunity.

For Insurance agents, COVID-19 is a time of tremendous uncertainty. According to a newly released global review of the impact of the pandemic on the insurance sector Fitch Ratings, the crisis is going to test insurers’ resilience across the board. Aside from there being a direct claims cost linked to the pandemic; insurers will also feel a strain on their balance sheets as investments are set to suffer losses. From issues with business continuity to client servicing, there’s no doubt of the significant challenges that lie ahead for the insurance sector. Now more than ever, agencies are embracing online technologies. BriteBee is proving to be one of the online tools that is helping insurance agencies unlock new digital opportunities.

BriteBee Digital Stimulus Package for Insurance Agencies – COVID-19 Just as Yelp is the megaphone for restaurants and Angie’s List for contractors, BriteBee helps insurance agents increase their digital exposure and write more business through its powerful online directory.

“Digital exposure has never been so important to the insurance agency channel. The challenges we face today have become an open door of digital opportunity for our tomorrow. BriteBee is dedicated to being the online megaphone for insurance agents, now more than ever,” said BriteBee CEO, Keagan Henson.

As part of this stimulus package for insurance agents and agencies, BriteBee is offering a free 3-month paid subscription for every insurance agency in the U.S. to help connect them with more clients during this tumultuous period with no financial investment. Organizations at both the agency and carrier level are partnering with BriteBee’s initiative to better serve their agents, showcase their product offerings, spotlight testimonials, and ultimately, stand out from the competition.