Pension Funds & Alternative Investments Africa Conference 2024

    PIAFRICA 2024: Reshaping African markets: Deciphering the Investment Conundrum for Growth

    PIAFRICA 2024, the 7th edition of the Pension Funds and Alternative Investments Africa Conference, is set to take place on February 28th – 29th, 2024, at the Intercontinental in Mauritius. This distinguished event brings together Pension Fund Managers, Investment Managers, Institutional Managers, and industry leaders for a groundbreaking gathering. The overarching theme of the event revolves around exploring new investment avenues, especially in alternative investments, and addressing the challenges that accompany them.

    PIAFRICA is not just a conference; it’s a dynamic and inclusive platform that facilitates exploration of investment opportunities, tackles challenges, embraces technology, and explores opportunities contributing to economic development within Africa. With a focus on diversification, regulatory compliance, impact investing, and member-centric approaches, the event fuels innovation and collaboration, paving the way for a resilient and prosperous future in pension fund management and alternative investments.

    Conference Highlights

    The 2024 conference will focus on how Pension Funds can forge new relationships with the private sector for infrastructure, fixed income, real estate, and renewable energy investments, contributing significantly to Africa’s economic development. Private Equity firms can also diversify their portfolios and prosper by mitigating risks during economic headwinds and leveraging lucrative alternate investment opportunities for growth.


    Event Name: 7th edition of the Pension Funds and Alternative Investments Africa Conference PIAFRICA 2024
    Event Venue:  Intercontinental Mauritius
    Event Date: February 28th – 29th, 2024
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    Event Organizer Name: AME Trade Ltd
    Communication number (with country & area code):  +44 207 700 4949
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