More than 100 UHNWIs and family office investors at Prestel & Partner’s 4th Dubai Family Office Forum

The Dubai Family Office Forum will reveal investment trends as it holds its 4th edition on 5-6 February 2019 at The Palace Downtown in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Around 115 ultra-high net-worth individuals (UHNWIs), family office investors and business leaders across MENA will benefit from relevant insights shared by thought leaders, analyses on case studies, and roundtable discussions.

The exclusive annual Dubai forum, whichr epresents more than $2 trillion in investor wealth, will be an ideal platform to explore best practices in family governance and investments. The forum will also highlight impact themes and discussions which will be led by more than 40 renowned international thought leaders, family office principals, and global industry experts.

Prestel & Partner, the global leader in family office forums, is organizing the event in Dubai with topics and investment agenda specific to the interests and concerns of UHNWIs and family offices based in MENA region. Katja Muelheim, managing partner, Prestel & Partner, said, “We are so honoured to be back in Dubai once again and to always receive such a warm welcome. Our Family Office Forums have earned such a good reputation internationally and we are proud that the families attending find these forums so interesting and informative.”

Prestel and Partner has been hosting six other successful international private forum each year, specifically, in Singapore, Wiesbaden, San Francisco, London, and Zurich. Each forum is widely attended by UHNWIs and family offices which by Prestel and Partner’s definition should have a minimum of £150 million in assets from only one or few owners, and a family office works for these families and not as a solution provider to many third parties.

The forum is exclusively designed for family principals and family members, C-suite family office executives of single and private multi-family offices, UHNWIs, and private investors. Family offices and private investors or who have nothing to sell attend for free.

Those who offer relevant products or solutions may attend by purchasing one of the limited tickets. Only a few commercial multi-family offices, family office advisors, and industry-leading solution/service provider firms are allowed to join and enrich the conversations with their topical expertise. To purchase such a ticket or to register your interest as a sponsor may send an email to

Host country UAE, according to Global Wealth Migration Review, is home to 1,660 ultra-millionaires with net fortune of at least $30 million and 240 individuals with net worth exceeding $100 million. As most countries in GCC are focusing on diversifying their economy, UHNWIs are likewise intent to grow their portfolio while paying particular attention to succession planning and transition of wealth.

Tobias Prestel, managing partner, Prestel and Partner, said that these issues come with relevancy and thus would be a significant part of the forum. “Our leading experts will discuss a sustainable future and co-investments between families, in addition to investments in healthcare and real estate. It’s an ever-changing focus and we are looking forward to welcoming so many prestigious families from MENA region to join us once again.”

Family Office Forum Dubai is ably supported by the UAE Ministry of Economy and Strategic Marketing and Exhibition, a leading exhibitions company based in Dubai. The forum offers free registration to family offices and UHNWIs. For online registration, visit