Wirecard expands partnership with Google Pay across Europe

Wirecard is expanding its partnership with Google Pay, making boon available in Ireland, Spain and the UK.

Customers using boon benefit from a real-time overview of all transactions, peer-to-peer and online payments. Furthermore, they can also easily add their digital boon Mastercard to Google Pay.

As a result, users can pay in a more convenient way. All they have to do is hold their smartphone on the terminal and approve the transaction. This can be done using biometric authentication such as a fingerprint.

The latest expansion of boon means that Wirecard’s mobile payment solution will be available on Apple Pay, Fitbit Pay, Garmin Pay and Google Pay. boon users will benefit from fully digitised mobile and wearable payment possibilities. In addition they can access all features regardless of which bank they use.

Head of EMEA Commerce Partnerships at Google, Florence Diss, said: “We are delighted to further bring boon into Google Pay, the fast and simple way to pay in millions of places.

“Google Pay users in Ireland, Spain and the United Kingdom will benefit from having all of their cards, including boon, in a single digital wallet that is secure and convenient.”

Executive Vice President of consumer solutions at Wirecard, Georg von Waldenfels, commented: “Our bank-independent mobile payment solution boon has already seen great success across Europe, and we expect to keep this momentum going with the latest expansion.

“At Wirecard, we are constantly seeking to drive the digitization of payments forward, and bring the most innovative solutions to the hands of consumers. With this expansion, we are simplifying digital payments even more and meeting the demands of consumers who seek fast and convenient payments on the go.”

The boon app

The boon app enables customers to send and receive real-time payments. Similar to other mobile app formats, users can see all of their transaction history on one seamless platform.

The app will send across monthly statements to keep customers up-to-date with their finances. Furthermore, a user can apply a push message feature. This feature will immediately show when payments on your account start or stop.

On the Apple store, however, the app only gets a 2.4 rating out of 5. Some users note that the app is quick and easy, while others experience difficulty loading their balances.