RevoluPAY launches Visa Direct for instant P2P payments

Visa and RevoluPAY have launched Visa Direct, a new solution that allows RevoluPAY customers to send and receive money instantly from person to person through RevoluSEND.

The solution is operational in the European Economic Area via Visa’s global network and RevoluPAY’s technology and license. This innovative solution arrives amidst a growing trend among consumers favoring digital payments and demanding new methods for seamless money transfers.

Gavin McMillan, CEO of RevoluGROUP, said, “Our alliance with Visa goes beyond being merely a partnership; it is a commitment to continue providing secure, innovative, and nearly real-time payment solutions to our customers and white label partners. It also underscores our strength in the market and dedication to maximizing value for shareholders, achieving key objectives, and demonstrating the impact of our actions through results.”

To leverage Visa Direct, RevoluPAY clients using the RevoluSEND, can seamlessly access the new functionality for transferring funds to a card or account directly within the application. To initiate a transfer, users simply need to complete a form with the Visa card or account numbers of the intended recipient and confirm the transaction.

In doing so, Visa Direct enables the client to send and receive money, such as sending gifts, splitting expenses, or assisting relatives located outside of Spain, through real-time technology that facilitates an efficient and secure payment experience.

“Visa Direct is an example that at Visa, we are at the forefront of developing the most innovative technology in the sector, aiming to facilitate the movement of money between people and, above all, provide consumers with different forms that adapt to their day-to-day needs. Therefore, we are very proud to continue expanding this solution in Spain hand in hand with a disruptive partner like RevoluPAY,” stated Eduardo Prieto, General Manager of Visa in Spain.

RevoluPAY is an Affiliate Partner of Visa and joins 100 other financial institutions in Europe that already have this platform, which, among its many use cases, enables fast and secure business-to-consumer and government-to-government payments: business/government to small business, government-to-consumer and consumer-to-consumer payments directly to billions of recipients around the world.