Mastercard teams up with to improve personalised banking

Financial services giant Mastercard has partnered with, a bank-tech and artificial intelligence (AI) company, to make banking more personalised and automated.

Using big data, AI and automation, connects merchants and issuers to create targeted and personalised offers for bank cardholders. Its platform supports banks to improve the effectiveness of their communication and make the banking experience more personalised for their customers.

Without requiring deep integration, the plug and play platform developed by results in quickly automating, contextualising and communicating a banks’ offers to their cardholders.

Campaigns can be created by banks once they agree to use platform and add historical data to it. According to Mastercard, during the entire process, no personal information of cardholders will be shared by the bank. managing director Sandeep Mathur said: “Partnering with Mastercard in the region validates our commitment to the banking ecosystem and solving for ‘Intelligent Banking and Innovative Customer Engagement’.

“From our current 10+ banking Partners, we shall together ensure the solution is now adopted by many more leading banks that are looking at speed, automation, intelligent and innovation customer communication as their differentiators.

“Unlike any other enterprise product, we have ensured the banks can go live and see results instantly, get new revenue lines and solve for the varied communications going to customers through multiple channels.

“We are also very excited about bringing our upcoming products for Robo-Advisory (cross-sell automation), for Credit (new customer acquisition) and for Consulting to the market in next few months.”’s AI platform will identify a customer’s buying patterns

The AI platform of will identify a customer’s buying patterns and will support the banks to offer more targeted, relevant and measurable services.

Through the partnership, Mastercard and also plan to launch a section within the platform called ‘For You’ where all the bank channels and properties will be unified into one.

The new solution is expected to unify all partnerships, product recommendations in one location and a cardholder can see one unified communication page which is customised based his or her spending behaviour.

In July, Mastercard partnered with Microsoft to speed up innovation in digital commerce and startup ecosystems.