Curve launches worlds first card to offer section 75 protection on debit cards

Financial super app Curve, which consolidates all your debit and credit cards into one card and app, has just launched its first ever credit card in the UK.

The new Curve credit card has all the bells and whistles of Curve, supercharged with greater security and flexibility. Customers link their existing cards to a digital Curve Wallet, and whichever card they select in the app is then charged when they use their Curve credit card to pay. There is one major difference though that makes Curve credit cards one of the safest and most secure ways to pay – because Curve is now a credit card, all eligible purchases will now have section 75 protection. Even purchases charged to a debit card. Section 75 is the gold standard in customer protection and is regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974.

“Section 75 is your secret financial superhero – buy something costing more than £100 and less than £30,000 on your credit card, and your card company has a LEGAL responsibility to come to the rescue if there’s a problem. So if something you’ve paid for has turned up broken or faulty, or perhaps didn’t arrive at all, you may be able to get your money back through a Section 75 claim.”

This protection is not typically available for debit cards, but with the new Curve credit card, you can enjoy section 75 protection whether you use a credit or debit card.

Curve also took the chance to introduce some new benefits to its product, namely its unique credit offering – Curve Flex. With the new Curve credit card, Curve customers will have the power to reduce their borrowing costs and increase their rewards with Flex. With Flex, Curve customers can split almost any future or past purchases into monthly installments with just a tap. In the near future, Curve plans to expand Flex benefits, introducing the ability to refinance expensive credit card debt with a lower cost amortised loan. It will also introduce the option to move your entire balance to 0% balance transfer cards. Watch this space!

The new Curve credit card also offers a better experience at hotels and car rental companies, allowing customers to put a deposit down with their Curve credit card, even if a debit card is selected as the payment card in the app or their balance is insufficient for the deposit.

Other Curve benefits like cashback, Go Back in Time®, Smart Rules, Zero FX, and Anti-Embarrassment Mode will all remain available on Curve. The culmination of all these benefits marry up to their tagline “One card to rule them all”. This will be further solidified when Curve realises its ultimate vision of hosting a financial marketplace within the Curve app.

This new announcement by Curve joins a host of new announcements they’ve done recently, with the new Curve App Design (Curve 2.0) and the recent £58M raise.