BST Group launches the world’s first asset-backed crypto eco-system for investors to benefit from real assets

The BST Group has marked a significant milestone in the evolution of the global cryptocurrency market with its innovative initiatives set to revolutionize sectors including real estate, gemstones, and smart cities on an international scale. Through the introduction of the BST Coin, a hybrid decentralized cryptocurrency, The BST Group is leading the way in addressing the challenges of transaction speed and asset valuation in the blockchain ecosystem.

Central to The BST Group’s strategy is the establishment of strategic partnerships, aiming to enhance the widespread adoption of its BSTC coins across various industries. The BSTC coin, known for its rapid transaction speed, stability, and scalability, is tailored for international transactions, showcasing its applicability in over 18 countries in sectors such as retail, real estate, and the gemstone trade.

“The launch of the BST Chain main net, the fastest blockchain platform globally with a capacity of 100,000 transactions per second, signifies our commitment to technological innovation and excellence,” stated Dr. Farooq Abdal, Founder of The BST Group. “Our vision for a PHYGITAL world, blending the physical and digital realms, is now closer to reality, thanks to the unwavering support of our co-founder Mr. Mohammed Iqbal Khokar and the dedication of our teams across The Technology Group within The BST Group Chain Sense and Sheikh Studio.”

The BST Group’s ecosystem encompasses unique projects designed to transform various sectors:

  • Blue Sapphire Trading platform for the gemstones industry
  • Bio Sapphire AMized Fusion Technology BSAFT for the health industry
  • META E3 for the education sector
  • E-Sapphire Mining for the investment sector
  • BST CHAT, a blockchain-based web 3 chat app
  • BST CRICKET GAMEFI for the gaming sector
  • An NFT Marketplace and Metaverse Auction Place for high-value items auctions
  • Blue Sapphire Towers, offering smart city solutions in the real estate industry
  • BST chain, the world’s fastest blockchain for asset tokenization
  • BST COIN, the first cryptocurrency backed by rare physical asset valuation

With the completion of its comprehensive ecosystem, The BST Group is poised to lead a revolution in the crypto and gemstone industries. This initiative not only underscores The BST Group’s commitment to innovation but also invites collaboration from across the globe to be a part of this transformative journey.