Criptonite AM and Wave Financial team up to help investors get access to regulated crypto assets

Swiss wealth management company Criptonite Asset Management entered into a partnership with SEC-regulated digital asset investment manager Wave Financial to address the increasing demand from European investors on crypto-related products.

The partnership will bring together the experience of the traditional wealth management firm and the technology-focused digital asset managers to target investors across Switzerland providing diversified crypto investment solutions. The crypto products will be offered through investment solutions regulated, named Actively Managed Certificates (AMC). AMCs are securitized portfolios similar to exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Criptonite founder and CEO Florian Rais believes the common thread between the two companies is that both companies were founded with a similar focus on private investors’ needs and share a strong conviction that crypto investments must be treated with the same level of risk and investment management rigour as traditional assets.

“We help people make rational decisions,” continued Rais. “I regard the growth within the digital assets ecosystem as a transformational phenomenon. As this asset class has grown very rapidly, many traditional asset and wealth managers are increasingly seeking assistance from outside specialists to help service their clients’ crypto investment needs. Both Criptonite and Wave recognise the growing interest amongst traditional investors who want to participate in this new asset class”.

With $500m in assets under management, Wave Financial too said that it aims to strengthen its relationship with Criptonite AM to offer regulated investment products within the crypto sphere. Its president international Matteo Dante Perruccio said, “David Siemer and Ben Tsai founded Wave Financial with the idea that, although crypto is a new asset class, investors should have access to regulated, rigorously risk-managed, compliant vehicles and strategies.

“I look forward to working with Criptonite to offer novel and highly attractive investment solutions to their professional clients. Initially, we will be focusing on specific themes, such as income growth, yield generation and diversified strategies, as well as selective portfolios.”