Payment Asia Summit

    The summit will gather policymakers, analysts, and industry leaders to discuss regulatory conditions, R&D innovation, payment supply chains, and marketing and business development strategies for payment in the Asia-Pacific region. It will provide a platform for attendees to share firsthand experiences and high-level knowledge, as well as network with industry peers from around the world.

    Key Words: Mobile Payment, Digital Payment, E-Wallet, Aggregate Payment, FinTech, QR Code, Cross-Border Payment, Overseas Payment, E-Commerce, Artificial Intelligence, Payment Platform, Payment Security, Payment Infrastructure, Cashless Payment, Digital Wallet, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, Blockchain

    Highlights:What you will learn

    • Firsthand experiences from policymakers and industry experts, detailing the latest developments in the global and Asia Pacific payment sectors
    • In-depth analysis of payment platforms and infrastructure development
    • Cutting-edge innovation in the payment industry, including latest applications, aggregate payment, and E-Wallet functions
    • The latest trends for payment security and applications for new technologies
    • Detailed look at payment market demand and improvements to the user experience
    • Opportunity to network with potential clients and business partners from across the region
    • Firsthand testimony on the development of payment platforms and infrastructure
    • Opportunities to exchange knowledge with policymakers and industry experts

    Event Name: Payment Asia Summit
    Event Date: November 21-22, 2019
    Event Venue: Shenzhen, China
    Event Organizers: Duxes Information & Technology PLC
    Contact Number (with country & area code):+862152588005#8253